1. MATRIX has signed a Frame Agreement with TOTAL (TEPN) for Provision of Production/Treatment Chemicals for their JV fields.

2. TOTAL (TEPN) have increased the scope of the on-going contract being executed by MATRIX for Provision of Laboratory Services for their JV Fields (OML 58, OML 99, OML 100 & OML 102), by 50%.

3. MATRIX is currently developing an Integrated Manufacturing and Service Centre (IMSC) in Port Harcourt. The facility which consists of a Chemical Blending Plant, a Lube Oil Blending Plant, a Grease Production Plant, a Laboratory, Warehouse and Workshop is expected to be ready for commissioning by the end of 2019.

4. MATRIX has signed a contract for Provision of Subsea Chemicals and Services for AKPO/EGINA DeepOffshore Fields for TOTAL PSC (TUPNI).

5. MATRIX has also signed a contract extension with ESSO E & P NIGERIA LTD for the USAN FPSO Laboratory Services for the fifth year running MATRIX participated in CHEVRON’s Technical Bid for Provision of Bulk Methanol for their Star DeepOffshore AGBAMI FPSO.

6. SHELL JV (SPDC) recently invited MATRIX to participate in the Commercial Bid for Provision of Corporate Laboratory Analytical, Essential, Equipment Maintenance & Integrity Services for SPDC Laboratories, having been successful in the earlier Technical Bid.