Chemical Services

Chemical Services

We are a leading indigenous provider of chemical solutions to the Petroleum Sector in Nigeria. Our capability and experience encompass the following:
• Chemical Supplies
• Chemical Logistics Services
• Field Technical Services.

Chemical Supplies
The key product line is PRODUCTION CHEMICALS applied for treatment of produced fluids in the oilfield.
These include the following types of chemicals which are provided by MATRIX in collaboration with ARKEMA France as technical partners:
• Demulsifiers
• Deoilers
• Paraffin Controllers
• Scale Inhibitors
• Corrosion Inhibitors
• Biocides
• Oxygen Scavengers
• H2S Scavengers
• Defoamers
• Sludge Breakers
• Desalters
• Anti-Foulants
• Etc.

This range of Production Chemicals come under ARKEMA brand names, well known in the industry: PROCHINOR, INIPOL, NORUST & BACTIRAM.

Other product areas of interest include:

• Process Chemicals
• Water Treatment Chemicals
• Drilling/Completion Chemicals
• Protective Coatings/Paints
• Commodity Chemicals

Chemical Logistics Services
These services are provided for the storage, handling and delivery of our chemicals in a professional manner.

Field Technical Services
We provide necessary technical support to clients in the application and use of the chemicals, especially production chemicals in varied areas such as:
• Selection & Development of Specific Chemical Solutions
• Application of Chemicals
• Treatment Monitoring
• Performance Optimization
• Treatment Trouble Shooting
• Maintenance of Treatment Installations
• Design & Installation of Treatment Facilities

Efficient delivery of this range of services enables us to maintain a highly competitive edge and provide value for our clients.