Gas Treatment Solutions

With the ascendency of natural gas exploitation and commercialization in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry, MATRIX have positioned for an active role in the natural gas value chain. This entails a two track approach:
• Bulk Methanol Delivery
• Provision of Molecular Sieves.

Methanol Delivery
MATRIX have capacity and are involved in procurement of bulk methanol required for hydrate control in natural gas production, especially in the deepoffshore, from the world market. We are also involved in arrangement of shipping to Nigeria, ship to ship (STS) discharge in Nigerian waters and final delivery to clients’ FPSOs safely and efficiently.

Molecular Sieves

In conjunction with our technical partners, ARKEMA France, we provide the SILIPORITE brand of molecular sieves for natural gas treatment, conditioning and sweetening in the industry. These find very gainful application in Gas Treatment Plants, Gas Fractionation Plants, LNG Plants, etc. The involvement in this aspect of the industry not only entails supply of the molecular sieves, it also includes a comprehensive package of technical support services for the design, erection and optimization of performance of molecular sieve installations for clients.